Torcman -FES-Systeme

FES - Drives

For as long as there have been electric drives in model aircraft, model pilots have been using so-called front or nose drives in glider models - often ridiculed by scale purists from model flying or man-carrying. For some years now, man-launched gliders have also discovered this type of propulsion and have made it acceptable with the term FES (Front Electrical Sustainer). The possibility of getting their model or man-carrying glider into the air at any time and without outside help, independent of towing winches or tow planes, has been received with enthusiasm by all pilots. With the constant improvement of motors, batteries and controllers, there are hardly any limits to the electrification of models and man-carrying aircraft today. Ground launching of a model with FES propulsion is easily accomplished even by the inexperienced pilot. TORCMAN has dedicated itself to FES propulsion technology in recent years and offers solutions for almost all applications and weight classes in model building. In particular, the FesEx system - the propeller that can be removed at the push of a button - has contributed a lot to the success and spread of TORCMAN products. In combination with the appropriate motor, bulkhead set and installation accessories, TORCMAN supplies the right solution for every customer as a complete package or in parts.


For motors with 8mm shaft

(or 5 and 6mm shaft by means of spacer sleeve)


For motors with 5mm shaft