DPSI RV Mini battery backers

DPSI RV Mini battery backers

Product description and features

Dual power supplies with servo current distribution and servo signal distribution. Separately regulated output voltage for receiver and servos. The integrated failsafe electronical switch can be switched with a switch actuator of own choice. Optical and acoustical error indication at battery fail or low voltage.

Advantages at a glance

  • Servo current distribution for unloading the receiver.
    The DPSI system handles the current supply of the connected servos and the receiver.
  • Servo signal distribution for operating two servos at one receiver channel.
    The second servo can be matched electronically to the first servo (Magic versions).
  • Dual power supply with battery monitoring.
    With optical and acoustic warning message at battery fail or undervoltage.
  • Separately adjustable voltage regulator for receiver and servos.
    Optionally servos can be operated with full battery voltage or 6 volts.
  • Convenient switching on and off with an external switch actuator.
    A switch actuator of your choice is included in delivery. Hidden from the outside, perfecly suitable for scale models.

DPSI switch actuator for switching on and off

For switching on and off the DPSI RV Mini System an additionally available DPSI switch actuator is necessary (see "Accessories" tab). The DPSI switch actuator is not included within delivery contents. The following DPSI switch actuators are available:

  • DPSI pin switch actuator
  • DPSI magnetic switch actuator (housing)
  • DPSI magnetic switch actuator (PCB)
  • DPSI gas cap switch actuator
  • DPSI remote switch actuator (Duplex)*

Servo matching

The DPSI RV Mini Magic versions are equipped with a servo matching technology allowing the matching of the servos that are connected to the corresponding signal distribution channels. The end positions, middle position and turning direction of the SLAVE servos (OUT x/2) connected to the servo distribution channels can be programmed corresponding to the MASTER servos (OUT x/1).

Usage with bavarianDEMON CORTEX, CORTEXpro and AXON

Like all DPSI battery backers also the DPSI RV Mini systems are suitable to be used in combination with the wing gyros bavarianDEMON CORTEX and CORTEXpro as well with the flybarless system AXON. The gyros must be connected between receiver and DPSI RV Mini battery backers. Like the AXON also the DPSI products support even high frequencies starting from 55 Hertz to 500 Hertz, e. g. for tail rotor servos.