3S LiIon battery 2600mAh "Compact" 30A

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3S LiIon battery 2600mAh "Compact" 30A - Image 13S LiIon battery 2600mAh "Compact" 30A - Image 23S LiIon battery 2600mAh "Compact" 30A - Image 3
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3S LiIon battery 2600mAh Compact 30A

Product description and features

Readymade 3S Lithium Ion battery with 2,600mAh capacity. Available with MPX connector and JR charging socket. The battery can be charged e. g. with the DPSI charging socket (item no. PC4200) without being removed from the R/C model.

Pre-finished on battery solder PCB Compact with vibration dampener. Perfectly suitable e. g. for turbine current supply.

Advantages at a glance

  • high capacity at very low weight
  • small dimensions
  • no balancing necessary*
  • low fire hazard even at short circuit

*Notice: *To use the full capacity of the lithium-ion battery, we recommend charging the battery with the LiPo (Lithium Polymer) program of your charger. The battery is shipped without balancing cable. Please check if your charger can charge LiPo batteries without connected balancer.

Important information: Especially when used inside engine driven airplanes where stronger vibrations are possible the LiIon batteries should be mounted vibration-damped. Therefor e. g. the M3 vibration dampener set incl. screws for LiIon battery PCBs (item no. A86215) can be used (see section Accessories.)

Battery type Lithium Ionen
Ausführung 3S
Nominal voltage [V] 10,8V
Ladeschlussspannung 12,6V
Capacity [mAh] 2600mAh
Dauerentladestrom 30A
Max. Ladestrom 4A
Dimensions and Weight
Length [mm] 99mm
Width [mm] 55mm
Height [mm] 20mm
Länge Akku-Anschlusskabel ca. 180mm
Querschnitt Akku-Anschlusskabel MPX: 1mm²
Weight [g] ca. 160g
Länge Balancer-Kabel ca. 75mm
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