Extover - Extinguishing Granules - Metal Pail - 10l

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Extover - Extinguishing Granules - Metal Pail - 10l - Image 1
Extover - Extinguishing Granules - Metal Pail - 10l - Image 2
Extover - Extinguishing Granules - Metal Pail - 10l - Image 1Extover - Extinguishing Granules - Metal Pail - 10l - Image 2
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Extover® - Fire protection and Fire-extinguishing granules for Lithium Akkus in metal bucket 10 l

Productdiscription and Features

This fire-fighting granulate is the perfect solution for safe storage and in case of fire the extinguishing of lithium polymer batteries. The pillow solution is perfect for transporting or charging LiPo batteries. When charging over the battery, and you have an effective and good fire protection. When shipping LiPo batteries simply pack cleanly around the battery and you do not have to worry anymore.

With the Extover fire extinguishing granules you are perfectly prepared for all lithium fires even in your workshop. If a battery ignites here, you can quickly and safely wipe it clean with the granules! The granules are soft applied to the fire. The expanded glass granules surround the fire and suffocate it. At particularly high temperatures, the expanded glass melts and spreads on the surface of the burning metal. The melt forms an airtight seal, which caked on cooling and extinguished the metal fire. A re-flame is effectively prevented.

Our fire-fighting granules are suitable for fire loads of class D and lithium ions. Problematic fire loads such as metal fires, battery fires, lithium fires or flammable liquids can be controlled with the granules and extinguished without causing damage to the extinguishing agent. The extinguishing effect of the granules in metal fires was tested and confirmed by MPA Dresden on the basis of a sodium and magnesium fire.


  • Forming protective layer
  • Displacing oxygen
  • environmentally friendly
  • resistant to aging
  • Low weight
  • Easy to use
  • upgradeable
  • maintenance-free
  • Very good fluid binding
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • 100% Inorganic Inert, low in reaction
  • Low weight (low landfill costs of contaminated material)
  • Low heat conduction
  • sound-absorbent
  • non-perishable
  • Bacterial and germ-free

Technical Data

  • Delivery in metal bucket
  • Content: 10l
  • Ball size: ~ 1 bis 4mm
  • Weight with packaging: ~ 3,3kg
  • Dimensions of packaging: Lenght: ~ 300mm, Diameter: ~ 245mm