TopFuel LiFe-EC batteries

Product description and features

The TopFuel LiFe-EC battery series is perfectly suitable for applications that require a very robust and easy-to-use cell.

The TopFuel LiFe-EC cells are built in a flat, LiPo-like design and therefore fit perfectly into almost any existing battery compartment.

Due to their very good properties, our TopFuel LiFe-EC cells are much less susceptible to deep discharge or overcharging, such as LiPo batteries. In addition, well maintained TopFuel LiFe-EC batteries keep a lot of charging cycles.

More product details

Battery connections | Application example | Note on the battery dimensions

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Battery connections

  • EC3 connector for the consumer
  • XH balancer connector

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Application example

Due to their lower nominal voltage the 2S LiFe batteries can also be used perfectly as receiver batteries. So the servos will not be operated at full LiPo voltage.

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Note on the battery dimensions

The dimensions of all batteries are indicated as shown in the picture.

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