TopFuel Power-X batteries

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The high-quality TopFuel Power-X LiPo batteries impress with their 35C loading capacity, cycle resistance and very good price-performance ratio.

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Battery connections | Voltage Indicator technology | Note on the battery dimensions

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Battery connections

ECO-X batteries use the XH balancer system. Batteries with a capacity of up to 2400mAh are equipped with EC3 connections, batteries of 3800mAh and more with EC5 connections.

  • Capacities up to 2400mAh: EC3 connection with 3.5mm gold contacts, suitable up to approx. 60A.
  • Capacities 3800mAh and more: EC5 connection with 5mm gold contacts, suitable up to approx. 120A.
  • XH balancer connector

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Voltage Indicator technology

Almost all TopFuel ECO-X batteries are delivered with the proven Voltage Indicator technology*. At the press of a button, the battery charge status is displayed via four differently colored LEDs. The Voltage Indicator helps you to assess the condition of your battery at any time.

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Note on the battery dimensions

The dimensions of all batteries are indicated as shown in the picture.

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