CARLINE Accus + accessories

TopFuel CARLINE LiPo-batteries
The brand TopFuel was founded in 2009 by the Hacker Team. These batteries are designed for competition use and are specifically optimized for their intended purpose and according to specifications of the Hacker Brushless Motors GmbH manufactured.
R-optimized rate!
During development, the TopFuel battery of CAR LINE have been optimized for the R-rate. The R-rate describes the refresh rate, meaning the time in which the battery recovers enough so that it can be fully loaded again. With the help of our own HLSD tests could find our R & D department, in cooperation with our battery manufacturer, the perfect composition. For HLSD test our testers were sent to collect a specific data logger as much data. With these logged data, we can always simulate the same way, it is also possible for us to increase the current by a factor of x, or reduce, or extend the time shortened, respectively.
 Because nobody goes full throttle around the track ...
 The hackers TopFuel batteries CARLINE can be discharged with 90C for up to 10 seconds. If we discharge our batteries to a common current sink, so they could be discharged at 45C maximum continuous power.
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