Skalar 10 (1:10 Onroad // 1:10 Offroad 2WD / 4WD / 2WDSC)

The SCALAR 10 engine series is the result of two years of testing and development in the 540'er size.
Purpose: 1:10 Onroad / / 1:10 off road 2WD / 4WD / 2WDSC
A two-piece CNC machined motor housing from 7075 aluminum, with a design for maximum cooling, ensures that the engine can make over the entire duration of the race, the maximum torque and full power without having to make compromises. The adjustable timing plate on the back of the motor provides maximum flexibility and can be adjusted from 0 ° to +40 °. In conjunction with our TENSORIC10 controllers and a sensor cable this motor give you the perfect combination. The SKALAR10 engines, because of their U-shaped solder tabs are properly fitted and soldered in vehicles with limited space.
 Of course, a SCALAR can be completely disassembled and all components are as spare parts available.
 o weight-optimized design
 o optimized cooling
 o Adjustable Timing
 o U-shaped solder tails
 o precision ball bearings
 o maintenance-friendly design
 o 12.5 mm standard rotor
 Available from 3.5 turns to 21.5 turns.