Skalar SC (1:10 Offroad 4WDSC)

The SCALAR SC Series Engine
Purpose: 1:10 Offroad 4WDSC
Especially for the short course class, we have built a stronger version of our SKALAR10 engines. We choose the 540'er engine size, as in some vehicles, there simply is not enough space for a 550 version. By using a high-strength sintered rotor with 4-pole magnet with 12.95 mm diameter, we have a kind of "internal reduction" ensure that leads to the SKALARSC has an extreme torque, which is still sensitive to dose. This occurs during the use of any failures, the total power is transmitted through a 5mm shaft. The SKALARSC is the motor for all short course trucks!
 o Compatible with all speed controls un-/sensored
 o CNC machined from T6 aluminum crankcase
 o 4-pole rotor for maximum torque
 o High performance ball bearings
 o Sensor Connection
 o superior thermal stability
 o 5mm shaft for better power transfer