F3A Senstrol

The new F3A drive system
Senstrol Motor and Senstrol-ESC are connected to one unit. The Senstrolmotoren have installed a sensor and ID chip and therefore no adjustments on the controller arn't necessary. The drive is monitored in its operating limits, overloads are largely excluded.
Thanks to the new RPM mode, the RPM of the motor by means of the throttle stick is placed exactly. It remains constant for both upward passages, as well as in downward passages. Adjusting the "brake" is no longer necessary. This allows finally the long demanded desired, especially in F3A aerobatics, the braking effect of the engine at any time and be able to regulate very precisely.

Regulators of Master Senstrol series are sinusoidal commutating speed controller. The motor current is thereby regulated sinusoidal in order to achieve an optimum torque-per-ampere ratio in the engine. In addition, the sinus has a quieter engine operation and lower Motorerwärmung.Durch the new speed mode, the speed of the motor detected by the throttle stick.