B50 Competition Brushless Motors

the new B50-Competition Motor
Our new B50 competition series features proven performance and reliability. Hackers R&D department has made another quantum leap by achieving approx. 4% of improved efficiency compared to the existing model of the B50. Many detailed innovations have finally resulted in unmatched high standard in design, quality and performance.
During the development phase, numerous improvements could be implemented and successfully introduced to the various components of the motor concept. A completely new outer casing design with milled cooling channels allows perfect heat dissipation at very low weight. In addition, an internal fan improves cooling. The asymmetric air outlet reduces the level of noise to a minimum. We are already using this design on the C50 competition very successfully. The front and rear bearing plate is attached with screws. A very high degree of efficiency is achieved by a new, segmented high-performance rotor from optimized magnetic material. The B50 competition comes with larger bearings as the regular Hacker B50. This significantly reduces friction and improves the lifetime. In addition, a larger sized shaft with a diameter of 6 mm prevents vibrations at extreme speeds. On gearbox motor versions, the shaft is already equipped with an integrated pinion. The increased power output of the B50 competition motors is obtained by a strong gearbox with 6 mm shaft.