Segler FES

"FES": an electric nose drive to start on your model from the ground.

So no starting rubber or starting cart is needed and the small propeller is clean on the fuselage. Internationally, the name "FES" (Front Electric Selflaunch / Sustainer) has prevailed for this type of drive. Of course Hacker Motor GmbH also offers some drive combinations. Usually tall gliders from 4 - 5m wingspan and larger are equipped with these drives . The engines of the A60-L Glider series are already flying large glider models with up to 45kg.


"FesEx Uni 8": a very easy to remove propeller driver transforms your Scale Glider in a second from the electric model to a pure glider and back.

A slight pressure on the locking pin of the Propadapter is enough and you can pull off the Prop incl. propdapter. The model is still a pure glider with the option for self-launch. It just can not get any better. Also perfect for static displays and exhibitions. Adaptable to various engines and models...