CAMcarbon Z folding propeller 16x10

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CAMcarbon Z folding propeller 16x10

Product description and features

CAMcarbon folding propellers have been the standard in electric flight for many years. Reason enough to develop this series further. The new Z propellers have been specially optimized for even tighter folding on narrow glider hulls. Even with box-shaped wooden hulls, the new shape of the CAMcarbon Z brings the blades closer to the fuselage. Depending on the fuselage, folding without an intermediate gap is possible, which not only improves the look but also the aerodynamic performance.

The blades fit all existing folding propeller systems that are intended to accept 8mm blade roots. This means that the propellers can easily be operated on our entire range of CN spinners and precision spinners. However, the optimal result is achieved in combination with the Z-spinners (CN).

The profile section has been optimized in the root area. A plastic reinforced with carbon fibers is used as the material.

The specified size of the folding propeller refers to the use of a 42mm middle piece. When using smaller or larger middle pieces, the diameter and the pitch change accordingly.

Attention: The operation of folding propellers is only permitted up to the specified maximum speed and in connection with a soft start of the motor. The maximum permissible speed can be found on the packaging of the folding propeller.

Maximum speed according to diameter

  • Diameter: 9" = 16000 rpm.
  • Diameter: 10" = 16000 rpm.
  • Diameter: 11" = 13000 rpm.
  • Diameter: 12" = 13000 rpm.
  • Diameter: 13" = 12000 rpm.
  • Diameter: 14" = 11000 rpm.
  • Diameter: 16" = 9000 rpm.

Scope of delivery

1x CAMcarbon Z folding propeller 16x10

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