Lighting plug resistors

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Lighting plug resistors - Image 1
Lighting plug resistors - Image 1
Manufacturer: iRC-Electronic GmbH
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Lighting plug resistors

Product description and features

Different pluggable resistors for using innoflyer spotlights and light modules together with Optotronix light control units.

Resistor table innoflyer modules/Optotronix light control units

innoflyer spotlight/light module Variant
Lisa 10mm (0.39in), Larisa 10mm (0.39in), Tina 16mm (0.63in), Laura 20mm (0.79in), Leila 20mm (0.79in) and Iris 35mm (1.38in)
4R (4Ω)
Light modules
Lily 5mm (0.2in) white or green, Crystal 10mm (0.39in) white or green, Emma 10mm (0.39in) white, Sina 16mm (0.63in) white or green, Lena 27mm (1.06in) white or green and Lena 52mm (2.05in) white or green
Combo light modules Luna 27mm (1.06in) white or green and Luna 52mm (2.05in) white or green
Light modules Crystal 10mm (0.39in) red and Emma 10mm (0.39in) red 6R (6Ω)
Combo light modules Luna 52mm (2.05in) red
Light modules Lily 5mm (0.2in) red, Sina 16mm (0.63in) red, Lena 27mm (1.06in) red and Lena 52mm (2.05in) red 10R (10Ω)
Combo light module Luna 27mm (1.06in) red

Delivery contents

5 Lighting plug resistors according to variant selection.

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