Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white

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Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 1
Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 2
Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 3
Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 4
Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 5
Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 6
Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 1Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 2Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 3Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 4Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 5Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white - Image 6
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Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" green/white

Product description and features

The Para-RC paraglider "STABLE RACE 2.1 RAST" is a HYBRID-RAST® RC SPORT PARAGLIDER FROM PARA AVIATION RC with a 4m wingspan and an aspect ratio of 7.5 . Experience new flight comfort and total Control in the first mass-produced RC sports paragliders with Hybrid RAST® technology, paired with a modern profile strake.

Equipment and features

  • RAST® valves in all closed cells
  • Very easy to start due to RAST®
  • High glide performance
  • Very maneuverable wing
  • Ideal for extended thermal flights on the level or on slopes
  • Can be accelerated very well with still good gliding performance
  • New modern flow-simulated profile strak
  • Nitinol rods, a nickel-titanium alloy known as a shape memory alloy. Bent chopsticks were yesterday
  • Edelrid Pro Dry lines of the latest generation
  • High-quality pack sack made from backpack material with a breathable mesh segment, inside pocket for the carrying straps and carrying handle

Our STABLE 2.1 RACE RAST sets new standards in all flight areas of a hybrid paraglider. Above all, the good take-off, flight and gliding properties when flying fast or slow reveal the overall level of performance. It can be flown very sportily, but it also likes very slow cruising - always with a high safety reserve.

The good control characteristics and high maneuverability were also very important to us. As a result, weaker and very narrow thermals can also be cranked out very well.

A brief history of development: I was always fascinated by RAST® gliders from the Swing company even when I was pregnant. Herry Hoffner, one of the first RC paraglider pioneers, began already a few years ago to gain the first experience with RC paragliders in self-construction. Herry made his construction, the "Olympic", available to us with his knowledge. This umbrella had no RAST® valves, but served as the cornerstone of our development of the STABLE. The first step, however, was to get in touch with the Swing company to have their patented RAST® system exclusively in to be allowed to integrate our RC sports paragliders. With the contractual release of the use of RAST® and the "Olympic" as a basis, we started our exciting further development of Hybrid-RAST® RC sports paragliders with a high aspect ratio and a small number of single skin cells.

The aim was to develop a hybrid glider that is always good-natured and easy to fly at take-off and in the various flight phases, that already “marches” well in the normal flight phase and that in which the gliding performance does not drop very much in the accelerated state. Even in the thermal position, it should have good and stable handling in the area of ??the lowest sink rate. We wanted too In any case, keep the number of open, i.e. single-skin cells as low as possible in order to achieve maximum gliding performance.

In order to meet these requirements, it was necessary to perform countless iterations of flow simulations of the canopy. The result is a Profilstrak with 4 to 6 different profiles in the direction of span depending on the glider. We achieve a perfectly stretched profile nose, which also makes starting easier, by using Nitinol, a dimensionally stable nickel-titanium alloy memory effect. This was a big challenge as we have very thin profiles with tight nose radii. The classic bag for nylon chopsticks cannot be used one-to-one for this. As The latest generation of Edelrid Magix Pro Dry lines is used on our umbrellas.

Prototype to be built.

All that remained of the Oympic was the elliptical shape. We calculated new profiles and created a modern profile strak in flow simulation, integrated detent valves, adjusted the detent to to have a better effect. First of all, we changed the wing tension. The rods are all constructed on the modern Nitinol system, a nickel-titanium alloy with shape memory. The inner workings was designed for lightweight construction. In many test series we found the optimal line lengths and angles of attack of the different sections.

Well, dear customers, we have reached our goal with the STABLE RACE RAST and can finally offer it to you.


  • The talented beginner will love the brilliant takeoff and slow flight characteristics,
  • the leisure and leisure flyer will be impressed by the all-round flight characteristics on slopes, in thermals and with an engine,
  • the professional and trike pilot appreciates the large weight range and the ingenious take-off and flight characteristics with maximum safety even in the toughest flight conditions. He can rely on the stability of the wing and concentrate on flying.

Scope of delivery

Paraglider STABLE 2.1 RACE RAST green/white, high-quality, breathable packsack, operating instructions

Glider type Hybrid with RAST® valves
Glider classification B
Wingspan spread 400cm
Fläche ausgelegt 2,1m²
Aspect ratio spread 7.5
Cells 37
Cells single skin 6
Cells double skin 31
Line material Aramid gespleißt
Recommended take-off weight 2.5Kg - 3.5Kg
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