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Product Warranty


The warranty duration on our products is 2 years. During the warranty period, the defective product may be repaired or exchanged free of charge by Hacker Motor GmbH. Product Warranty claims must be delivered with the original product and purchase receipt and/or its copy showing the original date of purchase and the dealer name. A detailed description of the problem must also be provided.


Warranty claims can made with the dealer or directly to Hacker Motor GmbH. Warranty claims will only be accepted with electrical and mechanically components that are original and have no evidence of modification or tampering.


Repairs beyond the Warranty period are billed according to the terms below. For Products damaged beyond economical repairs, we offer an exchange to 65% of our list price under the requirement that we keep the defective component. Damage from abuse or misuse is excluded!


To make a quick and low cost repair possible please, make sure that you include a detailed description of the problem. Common descriptions like "defective" or "broken" are not sufficient and will result in time consuming and expensive evaluation.


Please be sure to provide us with your telephone number and /or e-mail address to discuss the details of the warranty repair/replacement. Please find here a form for download:




Repair costs are payable by cash on delivery at the invoice price.

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