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DITEX TD Full-Digital Telemetrie Servos

Product description

Digital high voltage servos with acoustic error indication at overload, mechanical blocking or overheat. Operating directly with a 2S LiPo/LiIon/LiFe. More product details


All DITEX TD servos can be programmed with a PC or laptop by using the optionally available programming adapter JETI Duplex USBa Adapter.

Permanent motor monitoring

Acoustic error indication directly from the servo. Exceeding or lower deviation of set parameters (overload, mechanical blocking, overheat, undervoltage or signal error) are indicated by different acoustic signals directly from the servo.

Suitable e. g. for undervoltage indication when using long servo cables to the elevator or ailerons.

Error indication when reaching an arbitrarily programmed temperature e. g. with servos, which are installed near the torque tube of a turbine model.

Each feature of the monitoring messages is compatible with any RC system because error signaling takes place directly on the servo.

DITEX TD servo telemetry: If desired this servo values can be displayed also on the transmitter via JETI DUPLEX telemetry, as well as output as alarms and used and evaluated as telemetry transmitter.

Low power consumption through innovative motor control

Low holding current e. g. with flaps in the extended state.

Even at high speed low self-heating and thus less risk of overheating.

High-voltage capability

The servos can be operated directly with 2S LiPo/LiIon/LiFe supply.

Perfect servo distance and linkage

Precise positioning (angle degree) possible due to a hall sensor.

Zero position can be chosen chosen arbitrarily.

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