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Servo SAVÖX SB-2291SG - Image 1Servo SAVÖX SB-2291SG - Image 2Servo SAVÖX SB-2291SG - Image 3
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HV Servo SAVX 2291SG

Product description and features

Are you looking for the ultimate performance for your tail rotor? Then from now on there is no way around the new Savx SB-2291SG Brushless HV Monster tail servo! The patented structure of the SB-229X Monster series has already been tried and tested a thousand times over in tough competition and delivers unsurpassed values ??in terms of positioning time, positioning force and, above all, durability!

This is where the SB-2291SG ties in, the technical data speak for themselves! So far unattainable actuating forces of 18kg and an actuating time of 0.05sec / 60 at 7.4V suggest that this is an absolute high-end tail servo from Savx. The data at 8.4V, i.e. a 2s LiPo, is an unbelievable 25kg and 0.042sec / 60 ! So if you want to get the most out of your helicopter, there is now no way around this real monster! The servo's software was brought to perfection in close cooperation with top pilots. This makes it possible to fly a wide range of head / tail speeds and always ensure optimal performance. Of course, the SB-2291SG can be operated with all known and proven gyroscopes and flybarless systems.

The patented design with the motor integrated directly into the housing ensures optimal heat dissipation. The third ball bearing and the high-quality gear ensure that the performance does not deteriorate even in tough competition. In combination with the well-known SB-2292SG servos on the swash plate, there are no more limits.

Application proposal

Ideal on the tail rotor for competition helicopters and all applications where speed and power are required.

Scope of delivery

1 SAVX SB-2291SG servo,servo lever and mounting material.

Technical data

  • Width (mm): 20.2
  • Height (mm): 38.7
  • Length (mm): 40.3
  • Weight (g): 81
  • Voltage range: 4.8V-8.4V
  • Output teeth (number): 25
  • Ball bearings (number): 3
  • Motor type: Brushless motor
  • Type of gear: steel
  • Case type: full metal
  • Classification: Standard
  • Voltage 1 (volts): 7.4
  • Torque S1 (kg): 18
  • Speed S1 (sec): 0,05/60
  • Voltage 2 (volts): 8.4
  • Torque S2 (kg): 25
  • Speed S2 (sec): 0,042/60
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