Master Mezon + Mezon Pro

The Jeti Mezon controllers are advanced motor controllers known for their precision and efficiency.

Here are some of their key features:

Design: they have a robust housing with integrated cooling fins, which ensures effective heat dissipation. (Except "light" versions)

Control: They offer progressive controls that optimise the operation of your brushless motor. The settings can be very finely tuned. The motor tuning can be programmed in individual increments. The brake can also be customised to the pilot's requirements.

Protection: They are equipped with overload protection for both current and temperature.

Telemetry: They are all equipped with the JETI Duplex EX telemetry system to ensure maximum control and provide optimum diagnostics for your model.  The following values are transmitted: Battery and BEC voltage, battery and BEC current, used battery capacity, RPM, PWM, temperature of the controller. In addition, the MEZON EVO offers connection via EX Bus, which enables faster data transfer of telemetry data and complete programming with a set-up wizard from the transmitter via the Device Explorer.

BEC circuits: The controllers with integrated BEC circuits can supply your servos directly from the flight battery, eliminating the need for a second receiver battery. The Mezon series has a very powerful and high quality BEC up to 15 amps continuous and 30 amps short term.

A controller without BEC (optocoupler) has several advantages:

An optocoupler (OPTO) separates the power control of the controller of the motor control from the control of the controller by the receiver. In controllers without a BEC, the servos and the receiver are supplied by an external power supply. This can be provided by an external BEC, such as JETImodel SBEC 30 D or JETImodel MAX BEC 2D Plus EX, or by separate receiver batteries. This provides an additional layer of safety, as a problem with the main drive battery does not necessarily lead to loss of control of the model.

Updateability: The firmware on all MEZON Pro controllers can be easily updated by the owner.

The MEZON EVO controllers can be used universally for aeroplane, helicopter, boat and vehicle models. The MEZON EVO is the successor to the MEZON controllers and offers additional advantages such as very effective cooling, extensive telemetry and programmability via a setup wizard from the JETI DC/DS transmitter. In addition, comprehensive programming is possible from the computer using the free JETI Studio programme.