MEZON Pro with BEC

The new Hacker/Jeti Mezon Pro Seires

Discription and Features

Very powerful controller for a wide variety of applications. With strong BEC or optocoupler, full Jeti duplex EX telemetry and programmability of JETI duplex DS / DC transmitters via the device manager. All programming steps in German/English and in plain text.

Even forward / reverse operation of the motor is possible with this controller. In addition, the throttle channel can optionally also be used from the "EX bus" of the receiver. A separate outpin at the Rx for a throttle channel is therefore not necessary, telemetry and control signals via only one cable to the receiver.

A detailed description can be found in the respective article. Interesting also for high-RPM concepts, the maximum RPM with 290000 to 300000 electrical revolutions (with a 2-poligen engine, corresponds to up to 60000 rev / min with a 10pole outrunner).

Available ~ at November 2018