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JETI model s.r.o. based in the Czech Republic has been producing products for model making and industry since 1993. All production takes place in Príbor, Czech Republic and is manufactured according to European standards “Made in Europe”. The proven and reliable 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz transmission system stands for maximum security. The high-quality transmitters of the Jeti Duplex DC and DS series with full telemetry and up to 24 channels offer everything the model airplane needs. There is a suitable receiver with sufficient channels and telemetry inputs for every purpose, and central boxes are often used for larger models. This takes care of servo management and telemetry transmission.

The power supply is usually provided by two 2S lithium-ion batteries (JETImodel Power Ion 2S1P receiver batteries) to ensure redundant power supply.

The JETImodel DUPLEX remote controls (DS-12, DS-14 II, DC-14 II, DC-16 II and DC-16II) are delivered with basic functions and can be equipped with individual functions (Vario, voice output, more channels, etc.) and according to your personal needs Preferences can be expanded, these are ordered and activated via the Jeti model SW shop. The DC/DS-24 desk and handheld transmitters (Generation I and II) are delivered ex works with all functions.

You can order upgrades for the transmitters via the JETImodel software shop: Click here

Here you will find a comparison list for all transmitter types from JETImodel: CLICK here

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