JETI Studio Software

JETI Studio Software

Product description and features

JETI Studio is a cross-platform program for the visualization and analysis of telemetry data received from sensors. The program is available free of charge as a software support to the JETI Duplex product line.

Key program functions

Graphical visualization of telemetry records produced by the DC/DS transmitters (*.log files) and Flight Monitor program (*.jml files). Direct support for JETIBOX profi, reading log files and real-time telemetry.

Device updates: JETI Duplex transmitters and receivers, sensors or Central Box modules can easily be updated with the recent firmware.

Configuration of EX Bus devices. Integrated DC/DS-24 transmitter emulator.

Graphical visualization of telemetry data

Charts: View several sensor values in a chart.

On-board indicators: Clear graphical intepretation of telemetry data.

Maps: Displays the flight path according to GPS coordinates.

Data tables: View the telemetry values clearly in a spreadsheet.

Additional features

Model profiles: Every model defines a specific layout to the program. Log files are then organized in folder structure individually for each model.

Export formats: Possibility to export the log files to several file formats: MS Excel, CSV, KML e. g. for Google Earth. Charts can be exported as pictures. Compatible with Windows® 7 and later, MAC OS and Linux.

Units conversions for sensor values. Free software updates.