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MPX PCB "6 Pins", 5 pieces

Product description and features

Adapter PCB, which allows for directly soldering of MPX connectors. Cable (e. g. servo cables) can be soldered simply onto large soldering pads.

For isolation use suitable heat shrinkable tube (Item no. A84025). Especially suitable for supplying servos at wing connections.

In conjunction with the MPX housings contained in the MPX connector set (Item no. A85020 or A85021), no gluing is necessary, because the PCB fixes the EMC connector through soldering. All 6 wires lead to 8 soldering pads. So soldering of servo cables to the top side and the bottom side of the PCB is possible.

Suitable for the MPX connector the PCB has thickness of 1.6mm (0.06in).

Delivery contents

  • Variant 4 pins without connector: 5 pieces
  • Variant 6 pins without connector: 5 pieces
  • Variant 6 pins with connector/access.: 2 MPX sockets, 2 MPX plugs, 4 6 pin PCBs, 4 cable ties and 4 shrinking hoses.
  • Variant 6 pins with connector soldered: 2 MPX sockets and 2 MPX plugs with soldered 6 pin PCBs each, 4 cable ties and 4 shrinking hoses.

Mounting hints

The PCBs should be soldered when plugs and sockets are connected.

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