Duplex 2.4 EX TopFuel MTAG Battery Reader

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Duplex 2.4 EX TopFuel MTAG Battery Reader

Product description and features

The Duplex 2.4 EX TopFuel MTAG Battery Reader is installed in the model under the battery. Connected to the ext. Input on the receiver, this sensor transmits all data stored on the MTAG chip for telemetry in the JETI Duplex transmitter or the JETIBOX.

Values on the MTAG chip

The values below can be saved and displayed on the MTAG chip:

  • Battery ID
  • Cycle number
  • Capacity
  • Cell count
  • Discharge rate
  • Status

All default values and names are only recommendations and can be renamed, deleted and overwritten by the user with this sensor.

Compatible JEIT Duplex transmitters

The telemetry display is available in every JETI Duplex transmitter with the latest firmware.

  • JETI Duplex DS-12
  • JETI Duplex DS/DC-14
  • JETI Duplex DS/DC-16
  • JETI Duplex DS/DC-24

Delivery contents

1 Duplex 2.4EX TopFuel MTAG Battery Reader

Voltage supply 3.5 - 8.4V
Current consumption 15mA
Temperature range -10 - 85°C (14 - 185°F)
Dimensions 53mm x 26mm x 3mm (2.05in x 1.02in 0.12in)
Weight incl. cable approx. 7g (0.25oz)
Maximum distance to MTAG chip on the battery up to 3cm (1.18in)