EWC3 system for 1 wing servo

EWC3 system for 1 wing servo

Product description and features

The EWC3 system is suitable for connecting one wing servo inside the model aircraft. Wiring requires a EWC3 wing plug and a EWC3 fuselage cable for each wing.

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EWC3 wing plug

Screw the EWC3 wing plug into the root rib of the model aircraft's wing. Solder the connection cables of the wing servo on the three pins of the EWC3 wing plug's PCB.

Fix the connection cables of the wing servo on the PCB with the contained cable tie and the shrink tube.

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EWC3 fuselage cable

Lead the EWC3 fuselage cable to a vacant input of your receiver or dual power supply.

It is available in three different lengths with JR socket or open end for custom cutting.

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  • Reverse polarity protected
  • High current qualified (up to 12A per contact)
  • 100% safe connection because of locking
  • Small construction form due to 2.54mm contact spacing
  • Easy mounting due to packaging
  • Strong high flexible cable with 0.34mm² (AWG22) cross section

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