Duplex 2.4EX handheld transmitter DS-12 Multimode yellow

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Duplex 2.4EX handheld transmitter DS-12 Multimode yellow

Product description

A handy transmitter, high-quality design with plastic housing, large color display, ball-bearing sticks and wear-free hall sensors. A low weight, the high-quality execution of the housing and a great ergonomic characterize this transmitter. The software can be expanded according to personal preferences and of course JETI here also offers the full telemetry options.

The DS-12 transmitter is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2019.


Reserve the new JETI Duplex DS-12 handheld transmitter right now. We deliver the transmitter as soon as it is available.


Expected features, status February 2019.

  • Channels: 8 (up to 12/16 extendable)
  • 2.4GHz RF module: 1
  • 900MHz backup system: Optional
  • Color TFT: 3.5 inches, 320x240 pixels
  • Sticks with hall sensors: Yes
  • Resolution sticks: 4096 steps
  • Internal memory: SD card, 8GB
  • Free mixers: 5 (up to 20 extendable)
  • Timers: 3 (up to 20 extendable)
  • Visible values on display: 10 (up to 40 extendable)
  • Voice output for functions: 5 (up to 20 extendable)
  • Alerts: 10 (up to 40 extendable)
  • Channels for gyro axes: 1 (up to 3 extendable)
  • Flight modes: 3 (up to 6 extendable)
  • Flight mode trimming: Yes
  • DITEX telemetry values: 16
  • Lua extensions: max. 10
  • MP3 player: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes

Optional features, status February 2019.

  • Logical switches: 0 (up to 16 extendable)
  • Sequencers: 0 (up to 6 extendable)
  • Accelerometer: Optional
  • Audio player: Optional
  • Telemetry controls: 0 (up to 16 extendable)
  • Vibration alert: Optional
  • Voice output: Optional
  • Servo balancer: Optional
  • Function curves: Optional
  • Throttle limiter: Optional
  • Variometer: Optional

Delivery condition

The transmitter is delivered in steering mode 2, alternative steering modes can be adjusted by yourself.

Delivery contents

1 JETI Duplex handheld transmitter DS-12, 1 internal transmitter battery and 1 transmitter power adapter.

Dimensions [mm] 194x215x55mm
Weight [g] 730g
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