Stream-Fan 100mm kv1170 ducted fan system

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Stream-Fan 100/1170 - Image 1Stream-Fan 100/1170 - Image 2
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Stream-Fan 100mm kv1170 ducted fan system

Product description and features

Powerful ducted fan drive suitable e. g. for sport and scale R/C models with 8S or 10S LiPo battery up to approx. 7 kilograms take-off weight.

Driven by our Hacker Motor E50-L 2,5 kv1170 inrunner motor, the GRP-reinforced 11-blade rotor achieves a high degree of efficiency and generates a pleasant turbine sound.

Complete system ready for installation

The electric motor and WeMoTec ducted fan are delivered ready for installation. The complete ducted fan system is precisely balanced, tuned and tested before delivery.

Measurement conditions

The Stream-Fan ducted fan system was measured with a stabilized voltage of 3.70 volts per cell. The information on current and thrust (see Product data tab) are based on the measurement with a small inlet lip (radius 6 millimeters) at an outside temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, 50 meters above sea level and standard air pressure. These values may vary depending on the battery, speed controller and installation situation.


Suitable speed controllers, batteries, safety switches and an appropriate inlet lip* can be found in the Accessories tab.

Delivery contents

1 Stream-Fan 100mm kv1170 ducted fan system (consisting of a Hacker Motor E50-L 2,5 kv1170 inrunner and WeMoTec ducted fan) and 1 manual.

Voltage [V] 29.66 (8S) / 37 (10S)
Load current at 8S [A] 76
Load current at 10S [A] 115
Power at 8S [W] 2250
Power at 10S [W] 4255
Idle speed per volt (kv) 1170
Thrust at 8S [kg] 3.7
Thrust at 10S [kg] 6.1
Beam speed at 8S [m/s] 68.68
Beam speed at 10S [m/s] 87.87
Dimensions and weight
Weight [g] 545
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